SackKnight - Ludum Dare 40 Gamejam

Sack Knight uses his trusty loot sack to take on the undead king. Collected loot can be sold to upgrade his health, however carrying loot comes at a cost, the more loot you collect the bigger Sack Knights loot sack is, having a direct effect on movement and combat.  


Keyboard & Mouse

Attack – M or RMB

Select Weapon- N or LMB

Movement – WASD

Dodge - Space

Quit to Menu - R

Controller (only tested DS4, no menu support )

Attack – Right bumper

Select Weapon – Left bumper

Movement – Left Thumbstick

Dodge – X

Quit to Menu – Options


This game was my first attempt at a solo gamejam, everything is mine but the music and sound effects, and I’m happy with the results. Unfortunately, the game is small right now and has some notable bugs, but this may be a project I pick back up in the future.  

Some Known Bugs

-Sometimes the player can get stuck in roll.(Youl need to refresh to 'fix' this)

-Sometimes clicking to get a new item instantly throws them.

Come talk about how broken my game is: @CallumTrnr

Install instructions

Just download, extract and run the exe.


Download 21 MB

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